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Finance and Fees

We are not subsidised or funded by any organisation and therefore depend solely on the prompt payment of school fees as shown below.
Please note that all fees are payable per trimester.  Arrangements may be made to pay the annual fees in eleven installments.
Fees may be paid via EFT, details below, or cash.  No cheques are accepted and we do not offer swiping facilities.

Please also note that the fees below are for 2019.  An increase of approximately 10% per annum is possible.
A policy of zero tolerance for outstanding accounts will be strictly applied from 2018.
Discount valid on annual tuition fees paid in full for 2019 at 2018 prices until 30th November 2018.

Fee DescriptionPer Annum

Per Annum (Foreign)
Per Trimester (Namibian)Per Trimester (Foreign)Installments x 11 (Namibian)Installments x 11  (Foreign) Comments
Grade 0/Year l  20900.0022000.006970.007340.001900.002000.00Tuition Fee
Grade 1/ Year 2 - Grade 6/ Year 730800.0026300.0010280.0012100.003300.003270.00Tuition Fee
Grade 7/ Year 8 - Grade 8/ Year 941800.0047300.0013940.0015770.003800.004300.00Tuition Fee
Online High School
Grade 9 - 12/Year 10 - Year 13
43500.0043500.0014500.0014500.003955.003955.00Tuition Fee
Grade 0/ Year 1 -Grade 6/ Year 71500.00Registration Fee
Grade 7/ Year 8 -Grade 8/ Year 92000.00Registration Fee
Online High School3000.00Registration Fee
All500.00Annual Admin Fee
All5060.005060.001620.001620.00540.00540.00Wifi fee
Online High School2000.00Diploma fee

5 Rieckmann Street

Banking Details

Bank: FNB 
Branch code:  281872
Account Name: CPS
Account Number: 62241159731


Please mail proof of payment to