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Online High School

We do NOT offer the Namibian Junior or Senior Certificate.
Students who want to do Year 10/Grade 9 to Year 13/Grade 12 do so online, to aquire the USA High School Diploma. 
This course covers Year 10/Grade 9 to Year 13/Grade 12 based on the USA Education System.
The course is provided by a verified online institutions in the USA.
This is an accelerated course.  You do not need to spend a year on one Year/Grade.   

  1. Subjects. Subjects include the following:  Compulsory Courses: (16 Credits required)English: English I (1 Credit), English II (1 Credit), English III (1 Credit), English IV (1 Credit)English:   Math: Geometry (1 Credit), Albebra 1(1 Credit), Algebra II (1 Credit), Pre-Calculus (1Credit) History: United States History (1 Credit),World History (1 Credit), United States Government (0.5 Credit) Art & Design I (1 Credit) Personal Fitness and Lifestyle (1 Credit) Economics (0.5 Credit)  Biology I (1 Credit), Biology II (1 Credit) Chemistry I (1 Credit) Elective Courses: (8 Credits required) Art & Design II (1 Credit) Computer Applications (1 Credit) Introduction to Psychology (1 Credit)  Consuming Cultures (1 Credit) Introduction to Basic Marketing (1 Credit)  Introduction to Microeconomics (1 Credit) Business Communication 1 (1 Credit), Business Policy and Strategy (1 Credit)  Financial Management (1 Credit)  Neuroscience and Behaviour (1 Credit)  Physics (1 Credit) Human Geography (1 Credit)  
  2. Classes:   Students from the age of fourteen years may be enrolled in the high school. We also assist adults who have, for some reason, not completed their high school program. Students who attend our physical school attend school on a regular basis with maximum of twenty five students per Form Group. Students have access to the internet via computer/laptop at school.   Students work at their own pace and have access to the program from anywhere in the world. They receive assistance here at school, if and when necessary. The program is also available online, from home, for students who cannot attend school and have the confidence and determination to study on their own. This program is ideal for anyone, on a full time or part time basis. 
  3. Graduation. The assisted online High School Diploma course culminates in graduation after all the objectives have been completed.   Application to universities and colleges are the responsibility of the student and their parents and depend solely on the marks of the student as well as the application criteria of the different universities and colleges.  Application for the Apostille and Diploma will only be done on graduation and full payment of the course fee.
  4. Pass Mark and Progress Report. Continuous assessment is done and the pass mark is 65%.   No exams are written. CPS issues reports for students, certifying the marks earned on the transcript. CPS is informed on a continual basis of the student's performance via email.   We maintain a very high standard that is accepted locally and internationally.