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This level covers Year 5/Grade 4 , Year 6/Grade 5 and Year 7/Grade 6. 
Students do all their lessons on tablet in video farmat. Each lesson is followed by a quiz/assignment, to ensure that students have grasped the content.

  1. Subjects. All our subjects are offered on an English 1st language basis. Emphasis on speaking, comprehension, writing, reading as well phonetics of the language is covered from the basics to fluency and competence.   Other promotional subjects include Math, Science, Social Studies, German (foreign language), Computer Applied Technology and Writing.  Non-promotional subjects include Life Style Orientation, Physical Education, Arts and Craft as well as Music.   Biblical and Moral Education forms an integral part of our Life Style Orientation program and students are encouraged to assist in community projects.
  2. Classes. Students from the age of eight years may be enrolled in the junior division.  Students who attend our physical school attend school on a daily basis with maximum of twenty five students per Form Group.   Individual attention and progress is of utmost importance and these young students are guided by class teachers/assistants and subject teachers.  Students who enroll for the online course have access to exactly the same lesson and quiz material but can do it at their own pace where ever they are. Online assistance is available.
  3. Setup. Our setup is geared towards to progress and enhancing the talents of each indiviual using a tried and trusted curriculum using the latest technology. Students, at school or online, have access to the same lesson material and quizzes/assignments.   Lessons are downloaded for easy access anywhere and quizzes/assignment may be attempted at any time from anywhere.
  4. Pass Mark and Progress Report. We maintain a very high standard that is accepted locally and internationally. Our pass mark is 60% and our pass rate for 2016 was 99.6% Students can progress at their own pace and a number of students have successfully completed two levels in one year.   Student's marks and performance can be monitored by parents at any time from any where.    Reports are available after each phase of development. It all depends on the student's ability and the parent's assistance.