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Please make sure that you visit this page on a regular basis to stay informed of what is happening at school.

2nd Trimester 2018

School opens, for the second trimester, on 29th May 2018 for students.  The office will be open from the previous day.
We have had a successful first trimester, overall.  
Please note that school will be starting at 07:45 for students, on a daily basis.  Parents should make an effort to see that their children are on time for school and also that they are fetched punctually between 13:00 and 13:15.  We take NO responsibility for students, left on the parking area, after 13:15.  

Achievements and Problems

Several of our students competed in the regional and national athletics and hockey tournaments.  Unfortunately only one student could make it to the national althletic level.  Two of our students have been included in the U18 National Boys' Hockey training squad.  Congratulations.
The dance period, that was started in the beginning of this year, turned out to be disasterous, due to lack of commitment from the presenters.  We therefore had to cancel it.
We are still struggling with outstanding school fees.  We are left with no other option but to suspend students.  Parents should really make an effort to stick to their commitments.  We are, unfortunately, not a charity organisation, and we are not subsidised in any way by anyone.  We need to keep the school going with your contributions.  We have made every effort to make the fees as affordable as possible and have given parents the opportunity to pay in installments.  Thanks to the parents who are making regular payments and keeping this school afloat.
Uniforms will be available in the first week of the second trimester.  This includes the waistcoat, PE shirt, Blue tracksuit as well as the Maroon Tracksuit.  We have ordered a few extras of each type.  Please make sure that you get the correct uniform.  Please also note that the new uniform has been branded with a new 30th anniversary logo.  The "old" uniforms may, however, still be worn.  Also take note that the Maroon jacket of the tracksuit may be worn as a windbreaker.  The Maroon tracksuit may be worn as winter uniform while the blue tracksuit is more for sporting events.
We will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2018 and will surely have the MOAP. (Mother Of All Parties.)  We hope that many, if not all, of our former students and their parents will attend.  

Unique Program
It has come to my attention that many parents are clueless as to how our unique program works, nonwithstanding all the Parent Information Programs.  Please make sure that you understand this program, as it is not comparable to any program in Namibia and is probably very far removed from the way in which most parents were taught.  Please take the time to ask questions, if there is something that you are unsure of regarding any of the school's programs.  Please also make sure that your child comes to school punctually, properly attired, fed, with manners and equipment to perform at peak level throughout the school day.
The extra-mural programs presented here at school, in the afternoon, is for the benefit of each student.  It is important that all students participate in these programs, as far as possible, to broaden their outlook and instill a sense of achievement and commitment.  All students are not academically inclined and therefore have to get an opportunity to practice their skills in other fields.
We have, over the last thirty years, seen the results and success, of students, who are now adults, who had the moral support of their parents and a broad experience, before they left this school.  These students have managed to grasp each opportunity and have been able to successfully integrate into the adult world.

It will remain our aim to equip all students for life rather than train them for exams only.  We can only do it with the co-operation of each parent and student.