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Please make sure that you visit this page on a regular basis to stay informed of what is happening at school.


We have reached the last trimester in a great hurry.  There is much to be done and very little time.  Please assist us in your child's education by actively and positively participating and making use of all the communication methods that are available at school. 

We have worked through a number of server crashes, computer difficulties and wifi issues but have survived.  I thank the teachers and IT staff who have spent endless hours to get us to this point.  I also thank the parents, who have been assisting and who have taken an interest in the work of their children.  I am sure that we can expect a few more hazards before the end of this year but I am also very certain that we will make it and that everyone will be able to achieve their goals.

Changes, Events and Achievements

We have implimented a new behaviour system as we have, unfortunately, experienced some unwanted behaviour amongst students.
Students will be rewarded and punished by giving the plus and minus marks, which will be monitored on a weekly basis.  Students, who achieve 50 plus marks in a week, may come to school in casual clothing on the Thursday.  Students who get 50 minus marks in a week, will have to stay for detention on Thursday afternoon from 13:00 to 14:00.

This is also the trimester for several camps and outings for students.  We are planning a day trip for Year 1 - Year 4, a survival camp for Year 5 - Year 7 and a Who am I camp for Year 8 - 9.  The day trip and survival camp is optional, while the What about Me camp is compulsory.
Further details and cost will be communicated shortly.

Our U8 and U10 hockey teams did very well in the NHU Junior Development League.  The prize giving is on the 20th September 2017 at 17:30 at the Doc Jubber fields in Olympia.  Parents are welcome to attend and bring the players along.  Thanks to our coaches, Andre, Marlene, Aaron, Hanganeni, Max, Kadhila and Ruan.

A number of our students have also made the National hockey teams in various age groups.  Congratulations! 

We are currently experiencing problems in communicating with our online high school providers.  Hurricane Irma has caused havoc in Maimi, Florida.  Please be patient.  All will fall into place.  
Many online students are currently offline.  We are awaiting a number of diplomas and apostilles.  This does not mean that students cannot go ahead with their work here at school or that applications to universities are cancelled.
Please make sure that you have met all your commitments to the school regarding the online program before you apply to institutions of higher education.