Pre-school/Primary school Online Program

Our unique online program is suitable for children between ages 4 to 14 years.
Full courses, Pre-school: Grade 0/Year 1/Bridge Year; Elementary: Grade 1-3/ Year 2-4; Primary: Grade 4-7/Year 5-8,  are available from anywhere, 24/7, via the internet.
You will need any device, preferably an android tablet, to connect to the online student portal.  You will also need stationery such as paper, exam block, pencils, crayons, sharpener, scissors and a file.
Our program covers subjects like Math, English, Science, Social Study, Reading and Writing.
Registration may be done at any time of the year and all courses are self-paced.  This means that students may start at any time and finish at any time, so you may complete a course in less than a year or you may take more than a year, depending on your ability.
Lessons are in video and audio format and are followed by quizzes or assignments.  Each quiz should be passed with 40% before you will be able to move to the next lesson.  Assignments such as Writing, Reading and Oral, are uploaded to our site for grading by teachers.  Your results, on quizzes, are available instantly, while grading of assignments may take a little longer.
We do continuous assessment, which means that all your marks for quizzes, assignments and progress tests, contribute to your final report, which is available once you have completed the full course and course fees are up to date.
Assistance is available 24/7, via e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp or virtual classes on demand.

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