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Please make sure that the student has the correct equipment to be at peak performance on a daily basis.


Most of our work is done on tablet.  We recommend Lenovo and Samsung.  A sturdy tablet cover is also recommended.  Students should also have earphones/headphones.
The tablet has to be brought to school, fully charged, on a daily basis.  Year 1/Grade 0 to Year 9/Grade 8.

Each student will also need a pencil, crayons, scissors, rubber and ruler, in a pencil case/bag.  Students from Year 7/Grade 6 work with pen, but still need pencils.

A sturdy suitcase is needed to pack and protect items.  The ones without wheels and with dividers work best.


The white shirts, grey skirts and trousers as well as the black PE pants are available at most uniform stockists.

The branded items such as the waistcoat, track suits, windbreaker and PE shirt are only available at school and have to be ordered.