Our online school program has been developed over the last decade.  It is NOT an e-learning system but a fully interactive online primary school program.
Lessons, for all subjects, are in video and audio format and available 24/7, on any device with internet connection.
Students have access to their lessons, online or offline, and make notes of the lesson material.
An online quiz needs to be completed, after each lesson, and passed with a minimum of 40%, in order to progress to the next lesson.
Students also have to complete assignments and upload it for grading.
Progress tests are done online, at certain intervals, to assess the comprehension of subject matter.
Quizzes and progress test marks are available instantly while grading of assignments is done by staff at school.
All marks contribute to the results of the final progress report.
Please use our mobile number, if you have more questions about the system.

Our students do not write exams.  We do continuous assessment.  All the marks that students get via our online program, doing quizzes, assignments and progress tests, contribute to the final marks on the final progress report, issued on completion of the course.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the courses that we offer online or using our face to face classes.
The program is well suited to students, who, for some or other reason, cannot attend normal school.  Students need to have access to a device that can connect to the internet.

Constantia Private School is a registered private school with the Ministry of Basic Education in Namibia.
This program has been used in our normal school for the last thirty years and it was digitized more than a decade ago.
We maintain a very high standard and our reports are accepted nationally and internationally.

We do not have a hostel.  
Our program is available to all students, via the internet, on any android device or computer.  Students may therefore complete their courses/grades from anywhere, without travelling and staying in hostels or other accommodation.

Registration can take place at any time of the year.  
Students can therefore also graduate at any time of the year.  When you have completed the whole course, your work is done and you can therefore move on.

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